Research & Development





  • Illustrated talks and seminars.
  • Teaching in Higher Education, specialising in Art / Science / Nature.
  • Collaboration with Architects, Scientists and other Professionals.
  • Art Director / Consultant.
  • Workshops for all age groups. Creativity is stimulated by a programme celebrating the mathematical wonder of nature.


Commissioned Works

Most of the larger works in the gallery area were commissioned by Public and Private Clients.  They are all site specific responses to the given circumstances of a particular commission.

At present I am particularly interested in developing links with Architects and Environmental Designers, with a view of integrating sculptural ideas into an evolving design process.

Smaller more intimate works for the house or garden are also an enjoyable element of my production.  Some of the small works could be further developed as larger commissioned pieces given the appropriate opportunity.

Unique and Limited Edition Sculptures

Specific enquires concerning the sculptures viewed in the Gallery are welcome.

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