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Image of a Hypercone (Edited Uni. Hypercone)

I arrived at what I later named as the "Hyperconic" progression as the result of working towards an idea concerning an endless structure able to traverse the whole of space; from "Planks length" (the smallest division of space) and outwardly to wherever space ceases to exist.

Many more complicated structures preceded it, but ultimately these were whittled away to reveal the simple "Hypercone".

Very first "Hypercone"
"Hypercone 15-15-17" created during
The "Order in Space" project, Hewlett
Packard, European Research Labs Bristol.

"Hypercone" data sheet

Hypercone is purely an equation of three elements, which can be seen on the accompanying Data sheet.  By changing the values of those elements the structure can be adjusted.  If the gaps between the rings are filled then a full surface can be produced (see- "Every Thing Can Only Spin"), and also by altering the profile of the rings other possibilities become available; this is evident in "Striated Hypercone".

During my fellowship period at Bristol University Physics Department I discussed the qualities of Hypercone with Astronomer Prof. Mark Birkenshaw.  Mark thought of it as "reminiscent" of the event horizon surrounding a rotating Black Hole.

More recently I stumbled across a Report titled the "Dynamics of Astrophysical Discs" (January to June 1997) by J Goodman(Princeton), JCB Papaloizou (QMW), JE Pringle(Cambridge), and JA Sellwood(Rutgers), for the EC Summer School (full details are to be found in Pringle(1997) MNRAS 292,136.  The report covers research into the influence of gravity in a variety of astral configurations, including galaxies.  Also mentioned are Black Holes, and although as an amateur scientist I missed out on some of the written details, I was enthused by the computer generated images, which reassured me that "Hypercone" really does have a place in the sky.

"See-through" Hyperconic image, designed
by Dr Andrew Burbanks my collegue
on the "Order in Space project.

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