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A poetic aspiration to explore the idea of emanation led me to investigate various space filling networks, one of which was coined the "Vector Equilibrium" by the late American Inventor/Geometer, Buckminster Fuller.

(See also Code Connection poster.)

Below you can see a linear network representing the vectors from centre to centre of neighbouring equal sized spheres, in the "cubic close packed" matrix.

A sample of Buckminster Fullers

This structure has an amazing ability to proliferate evenly within 3-Dimensional space.  The image above shows part of an endless progression within the matrix, terminated in such a way as to indicate the involvement of the Cube-Octahedron.

Lateral thought being what it is, I soon realised there might be an opportunity to transmute this powerful space filler into a volumetric spherical matrix, which would well suit my initial desire for emanation.

Having worked through the idea by means of 3-D welded steel sketches, I was later aided by mathematician/visualisation expert, Dr. Andrew Burbanks.  His images below indicate the growth pattern of the newly created matrix.

The "Code-Connection" matrix is generated by a simple mathematical progression.

The icosahedral seed can be viewed to have triangular arrangements of geodesic spars, 30 in all.  To set this cosmic net off on its travels ... the triangular arrangements have points projected away from their spherical level and into the space directly above themselves, creating the apexes of tetrahedra; 3-D's version of an equilateral triangle.

Theoretically, by repeating this sequence level upon level, the mesh of an infinite net is cast far and wide, outwardly onwards towards infinity.

Wire-frame image created by Dr. Andrew Burbanks
giving a clear view of how things develop.

These highly complex images were fantastically helpful in developing a better understanding of things, particularly in satisfying my interest of seeing an extended version of the network... although I found its somewhat predictable symmetry a little overbearing.

In the final stainless-steel sculpture I have left gaps in the structure, giving the sense of a remnant of something once greater.  I think this has given the work a more individual character, freeing it from the purely logical and offering just a hint of pathos.

"Code-Connection", in the studio prior to Installation.

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